Social Media Content

Your social media presence is only as good as the content you promote because sharing is one of the best metrics for measuring engagement. If people are sharing your original content, you can be sure you’re making a great impression and widening your social reach. The power of social media as it pertains to lead generation cannot be ignored – social media’s influence is now established in search engine optimizationconversion rates optimizationlink building and public relations.

McDougall Interactive can make your social media presence engaging and exciting so current customers and potential clients see you as an innovator. This is buzz creation via content promotion. We take your unique value proposition and turn it into compelling text, video, audio, and more – then we share your content on multiple social media networks.

Social links

McDougall Interactive has developed a Social Media strategy that goes beyond just the social web. How? It’s called Social Links. We will help you strategize your Marketing campaign and integrate your Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, offline Marketing efforts, and PR in one bundle. We will unveil the steps of social engagement and help you drive more traffic and sales to your website as well as increase your brand awareness online.

Community management: Facebook, Twitter, and more

Keeping up with the lightning pace of social media takes valuable time. Let McDougall Interactive be the voice of your company with expert community management with your content. Whether we create your social media presence from the ground up or just take over so you can focus on building your business, our social media content creation — Facebook posts, tweets, etc. — is second to none.


Blogging is one of the key ways businesses connect with customers — directly and via social media channels – which means business blogs are a must-have part of any social media strategy. The talented editorial team at McDougall Interactive can build your blog from the ground up and even provide premium content created by our talented in house content development team. Or we can take your existing blog and turn it into a social media powerhouse through smart integration strategies that show the world your company is fully engaged.

Video Creation

Getting your brand in front of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of potential customers is a snap with online video! Our experienced video team — whose work has been seen on MTV, G4, and Comedy Central — works with McDougall Interactive to bring their track record of viral successes to our client video production. We assist you with all aspects of production and then distribute it across channels to enhance your brand image, attract positive attention, and drive unbelievable amounts of traffic to your website.


Having shareable content to distribute via social media channels is a vital element of any social media campaign, and that includes audio content like podcasts. We take your expertise, as well as that of your employees and colleagues, and turn it into engaging podcasts that can be posted on your website and on iTunes, shared via your blog and social media accounts, and transcribed on your URL for SEO.

Link Bait

Any website content or feature designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website is known as “link bait.” Link bait is differentiated from regular web content in the sense that it must be especially well-written, funny, or engaging to encourage sharing and position it to go viral. Below is an example of link bait we created — a simple caveman golf game.

Wrapping Up

Remember, social media marketing is about earning customer attention by providing something interesting, controversial, newsworthy, or fun. The social media sphere is just what it says: social. Contact us to find out how you can develop real relationships with customers and potential clients today!

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