Podcasting Marketing Services

Podcasting is a great way to get content right from your voice. We interview you (and or your customers) with a series of questions around a particular topic we want to rank well in Google for and then the content goes up on a blog post with the transcript.

You and or your customers look like a hero, prospects can listen to you and Google will gobble up all of the keywords as well as the in-depth content.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Content taken straight from your voice is the most direct way to impart your advanced expertise on your topic
  • Transcripts of podcasts are amazing for search rankings because they are naturally full of related keywords and cover topics more completely. If you want to rank well when someone searches Google Home or Amazon Echo, this type of FAQ content is really helpful.
  • Podcasting gets you on audio sites like iTunes and is amazing to share on social media.
  • Podcasting is trending upwards because people can listen while they are in the car or doing a workout.

Here is how easy it is:

  1. We pick 3 to 5 questions for a typical short 10 to 20-minute podcast. We use keyword research to pick the topic and the questions and hash it out until it feels complete.
  2. You dial in on the phone or come to our office to do the interview.
  3. John Maher, our audio and video expert, queues up the music and introduces you by saying something like:

“Hi, I am John Maher and I’m here today with Susie Smith the president of Susie’s wicked awesome widgets and today were talking about how red widgets are changing the landscape of our industry forever. Welcome Susie,”

“Glad to be here with you today John.”

“So Susie, why are red widgets so important to your customers?”

And then Susie shares her thoughts on a few questions and after an engaging conversation that she would normally have one on one with a customer, we wrap up. But instead of limiting all of that effort of speaking to one person, it is now opened up to the world.

The conversation is extremely natural and almost 100% of our customers have an aha moment after doing a podcast and realize it’s actually fun and easy. We do not write out scripts for these and that makes them flow more naturally. You can make bullet points for yourself to make sure you know what you want to say in response to each question.

Video is honestly harder but not terribly so, which you can read about on our video marketing page.

Here’s an example of a very small business client of ours where podcasting and videos are the only content he does for his blog.

The Rug Gallery loves podcasting and videos

We put a call to action on the home page of the Rug Gallery site, which takes users directly to a “tag” page with all of the posts tagged as “podcasts” (https://www.ruggallerycincy.com/blogs/news/tagged/podcasts)

Here’s an example of a podcast in a blog post:
Podcasting Example

Here is what the URL looks like:


We are now moving to making even shorter URL’s as Google prefers that and its easier for customers to read in the search results pages.

The iTunes podcast page has 55 podcasts:


itunes Podcasting Example

Pretty cool, right?

The good news is that all you need to do is show up and talk just like you do with your customers. We handle the rest and turn it into actual leads that you can turn into sales.

You can also turn the content into e-books and become an author almost overnight!

Here is an example of how we made a call to action for an e-book generated solely from the cleaned up transcripts of the podcast conversations:

Podcasting Ebook Example

Is it perfect prose? It reads remarkedly well in most cases because many good writers have a conversational tone and it gets done, instead of being forever on a to do list.

How are the results?

Sam runs a small business and is not on one of our comprehensive programs but even consistently doing quality podcasts and videos has given him a boost of over 1,000 keywords driving traffic in the last year or two!

We have done this on projects where we ended up winning significant awards like best of show of all of New England Financial Marketing for creating the second best online only bank in the country.

So, this works for small businesses and large ones as well.

Podcasting Success