Book Marketing Services

Becoming an author has never been so simple!

Being a thought leader helps you get more leads, sales, search rankings, social status, and media interviews!

Your new book!

your new book

Let us help you write that book you’ve been thinking about writing for years! We’ll do audio and video interviews with you in one of our content programs and then turn that content into a real published book to build your trust and authority.

Included features:

  • Book strategy
  • Cover design
  • Editing
  • Layout
  • PR consultation
  • Social media setup and sharing
  • Content created from interviews

Author 101 Program Details

Easily become an author in 6 months or less  

Once you’re enrolled in one of our content programs like JumpStart or Consistent Content, we can then turn the content we create with you into a book that can be used for significant national media exposure. On completion of 6 months of ConsistentContent, we can turn your content into a book (approximately 40,000 to 50,000 words). If you want it faster, you can pay all of the 6 months of ConsistentContent fees at once to speed things up and be done in about 3 months.

Here’s what’s included in our QuickStart Book program:

  1. Cover design (normally $1,500 just for our outside cost!)
  2. Layout
  3. Table of contents
  4. Sending it off to the printer
  5. The first 25 copies (FYI, cost from Staples or local printer on a small book is around $15 each)
  6. 1 ISBN number
  7. Submission to Amazon
  8. Light editing just for typos that may have been missed
  9. Light editing of a two-page introduction that you write
  10. Choose a publisher of your own (we can advise you) or use our publishing company InteraPress if we feel your content is ready for prime time

National Media Exposure (price ranges depending on needs)

How would you like to bring your book to New York City and meet 100 media members in a PR speed dating event called the National Publicity Summit? I did it, and it’s a great event that will forever change the way you think about getting publicity and can position you for accelerated business, personal success, and even fame. Nothing closes deals faster than having the media say great things about you, and PR is very attainable with some effort. You will be surprised how nice the media are when you approach them in the right way with what their audience wants. They need content more than anyone!

If you want national PR exposure, we start at $3,000 a month. But even if you don’t hire us for PR, having a book and or going the National Publicity Summit can be a game changer. It landed me writing gigs, a weekly radio show, and numerous radio appearances, and I’m in talks with national news shows.

At the National Publicity Summit, some of the top journalists in the country said that they’re far more likely to consider interviewing you if you have a blog, a book, and are tweeting! They want to interview experts, and you need a way to get them to take you seriously, so why not work smarter and not harder by generating content that is great for Google, social media, and reputation that closes deals and gets you national exposure all at the same time?

We are good friends with the wonderful people at the National Publicity Summit, so we can connect you to them directly, or let us know if you have questions. For more info, see