Website Analytics Software

These website analytics software packages allow you to track website visitors, integrate with other platforms like SalesForce, show you user paths and behaviors, track phone calls, and analyze your social media effectiveness. Knowledge is power!

Google Analytics – Excels at giving you great insight into how people are getting to and interacting with your website. It shows you where visitors are coming from, what they are actually clicking on, and how they are interacting with your site.

HubSpot – As HubSpot says, “Google Analytics shows you raw numbers of users. HubSpot shows you real people.” Analytics software is useless without traffic and leads to track and then follow up on, so HubSpot combines driving traffic with analyzing and converting it. Google Analytics has great data and even A/B testing ability, but HubSpot is fully integrated with your sales team and lead nurturing program. Ideally, you should use both.

ClickTale – Lets you watch users’ click paths and how much they scroll on your website. This tool provides additional essential analytic information that Google Analytics does not.

Crazy Egg – Has been referred to as the “poor man’s ClickTale.” It is a highly regarded tool that starts at only $9 per month and has a free 30-day trial. You can see where users click and discover what Google Analytics is not telling you, thanks to heatmap, scrollmap, and overlay tools.

Adobe SiteCatalyst powered by Omniture – Adobe Site Catalyst is expensive, more complicated to install and use than Google Analytics, but has powerful testing systems and integration with Salesforce and email systems. This allows you to connect the information your sales team gathers with your web data. Google Analytics Premium is a flat $150,000 per year and is a competitor to this advanced tool.

Mongoose Metrics – The authority for exposing what happens before, during, and after phone calls generated by your website down to the keyword level.

Facebook Analytics/Facebook Insights – Click the gear wheel in your Facebook Fan Page and choose “View Insights” to find the main Insights dashboard for the total number of likes, number of friends of fans available (potential reach), how many people are actively talking about your page, and your total weekly reach.

YouTube Insight – Offers analytics that show what your viewers like and don’t like so you can improve your video marketing. You can filter reports by content, geography and date, and there is an interactive geographic distribution map that comes with most reports. You can track most views and subscriptions as well as how long viewers spent watching your videos.

Twitter Analytics – See how much of your content got shared across the Twittersphere, the volume of traffic Twitter sends to your website, and the effectiveness of your Tweet button integration. You can also see the number of favorites and retweets. – A Twitter analytics tool that provides follower segmentation, social graph tracking, and more.

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