Internet Marketing Strategy Planning with PlanSprout

If you’re doing web marketing correctly, you’ll have a lot of moving parts. Before building a website or doing individual tactics, it’s important that you have a documented strategic plan.

You will also need to have a robust strategy rather than merely dabble in Internet marketing tactics. As a companion to our new book Web Marketing on All Cylinders, our PlanSprout software helps you solidify your plans. The worksheets in can help you organize your strategy and be a road map for your team. While using the worksheets in the software, you will learn about how the tactics all go together, to kick your strategy into high gear!


The act of writing down your strategy has a powerful effect on your ability to keep track of it and get things done. This has been touted by experts such as personal growth guru Anthony Robbins and social psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini, PhD.

Once you have your goals and key performance indicators mapped out, you will have a more organized approach and greater success in the complex work of online marketing.

The software will be at, due to launch around May 1. Please try it out and feel free to offer any feedback you can to help us make it better.