Credit Union SEO Case Study — Metro CU

Download the case study here.

The Challenge

When we were hired by Metro Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in Massachusetts, in April 2009, they had some initial, local ranks (mostly including town names) for an old domain name, (credit unions ma – #7 in Google, etc.), and a few 3rd and 4th page ranks for their newer domain,, like “wireless banking massachusetts” at #30 in Google). Google was clearly unsure of which domain was the correct one, and this needed to be remedied. They were also looking to increase visibility for state and regional search terms, as well as add ranks for higher-level terms like “online banking”.

The Strategy

We advised the client that they needed to immediately implement an “IP Funnel” technique that would redirect users from the old domain to the new one. Although the old domain had more backlinks, the IP Funnel would “channel” the link power to the new domain and would tell Google to un-index the old site and index the new one. Metro Credit Union was aware that some first-page ranks on the old domain could be lost temporarily while we fixed the domain indexing issue, but they opted to take a long-term approach, and agreed to use as their main domain moving forward, as that was the domain they were using in their offline marketing efforts.

We installed Google Analytics on the site to complement their existing analytics package and started adjusting on-page optimization factors on the main pages, including Title tags, Meta tags, and text optimization.

Additionally, we started a link-building campaign that involved submitting press releases and articles to online media and content sites, with links back to the Metro Credit Union website.

The Results

Site Indexing:

Before implementation of the IP Funnel, Google had indexed 227 pages on the domain and 106 pages on the old domain. As of September 2009, Google had continued to index the full site, but was only indexing one page (the home page) on the domain.

Indexed Pages
Apr-09 227 106
Sep-09 223 1

Search Engine Ranks:

Out of 311 terms checked, Metro was ranking in the top 50 results for just 12 of those terms as of April 14, 2009 (including ranks on both domains). On August 5, 2009, Metro was ranking in the top 50 results for 135 terms, all on the correct domain.

Date # of Google Ranks (of 311 checked)
April 2009 12
August 2009 135

Download the case study here.