SEO Technical Overview

Initial Site and Target Audience Analysis

  • Discussions with client/Q&A about the site, target audience, business, etc.
  • Site audience analysis
  • Initial site analysis including link popularity & search engine saturation analysis

Keyword Research

Search Engine Friendliness Analysis

  • Site design analysis
  • Site architecture analysis
  • Site directory structure analysis
  • Site filenames analysis
  • Site navigation analysis
  • Site HTML & scripts code analysis
  • Site content analysis

Competition and Ranking Gap Analysis

  • Initial pre-optimization site ranking report
  • Competitor ranking analysis
  • Competitor link-backs analysis
  • Competitor site search engine saturation analysis
  • Competitor site SEO levels analysis

SEO Copywriting/Copy Optimization

  • SEO copywriting for existing content of the site
  • Copywriting and optimization of meta tags, alt text, and title attributes
  • Anchor text copy optimization

Site Code Optimization

There are more than 100 items to potentially address for search engine rankings, and these can change over time. We offer:

  • Customized optimization of important pages
  • Implementation of optimized filenames, image names & directory names
  • Creation and implementation of customized 404 Error Page
  • Handling of older file name/directory names “301 – Permanently Moved” redirects
  • Creation of a search engine-friendly site map
  • Creation of optimized text-based navigation of the site
  • Optimizing inter-linking within the web pages of the site
  • Controlling content headings through optimized CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Addition of robots.txt file for excluded content
  • Domain names and server analysis

Ranking Reports

  • Monthly detailed ranking reports, after first indexing of site across various search engines
  • Evaluation of pre-optimization and post-optimization ranking, web stat, and visibility analysis

Analytics Reports

  • Monthly in-depth analysis of your return on investment, site visitors, and activity
  • Monthly PowerPoint presentations with key Google analytics data

Service Deliverables

  • Site and audience analysis report
  • Final selected keyword phrase list with supporting research
  • Pre-optimization ranking report
  • SEO friendliness current status report of problems
  • SEO friendliness deployment recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Gap analysis and recommendation report
  • Copywriting report
  • Site optimization report
  • Post-optimization ranking reports

What are the Basics of Search Engine Optimization?

Optimizing Titles and Descriptions

SEO is about more than sticking keyword phrases all over the place – when it’s done naturally and subtly, those key phrases increase not only ranks, but also click-through rates. Attracting eyeballs is one thing, but helping conversions is another.

Copy (Text) Optimization

We edit your existing text to add keywords by marking up Word documents in red indicating suggested places where we would add keywords or modify the copy. You then either approve it or work with us to finalize the text changes before the copy goes live on your site. Need more text? Our senior writer and on-site writing staff can assist you with content development.

Content Development

Content is king in the world of search marketing, and our content development services are second to none. We can develop a comprehensive custom plan of content integration that includes link building and social media.

Support for Programmers and Site Managers

It’s not uncommon for our programming team to discover weaknesses in our clients’ website code, so we recommend regular reviews of website architecture and code to be sure that optimization isn’t lost with site changes and that no unethical SEO is taking place.

How to get started

Feel free to download any of our free resources or give us a call at 978-750-8000 and ask for John McDougall. John will analyze your website and situation to determine if we are a good fit to work together.