Infographic Design and Promotion

Infographics are a great way to add visual content to your website.

An Infographic is just simply a graphic that boils down a concept and makes it easier to understand by being visual instead of tons of text.

Here are some of the benefits of adding infographics to your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Customers enjoy them and share them on social media
  2. They attract links to your site which are hard to get without cool content assets
  3. They can get you featured on top media websites with “guesto-graphics”

In fact, infographics are listed as one of the top six ways to get links. Links are still an incredibly important part of why you come up in Google and doing anything other than content-based white hat link building is extremely dangerous because Google will penalize you for spam.

Infographic Stats

Here is and infographic that landed me on the Huffington Post:

Infographic Example Marketing

Here is an example of an Infographic we recently did for a law firm marketing client:

Infographic Example Lawyer

And here is one we did for one of our’s financial services marketing customers way back in 2013. This project won lots of awards and having lots of different types of content was a major factor in why it was so successful.

Infographic Example Bank

We can help you come up with ideas for infographics, do the research needed for the data to include, design the infographics and promote them for you.

RTN Walk Home Infographic