e-Book Marketing Services

According to HubSpot, 95% of web surfers are not ready to hire you. They are not at the bottom of the funnel, where they would be ready to fill out a form, dial your phone number or buy a product.

That means that you need what we call a top of the funnel calls to action or TOFU offer.

Okay, so now you’re thinking we are sitting around in Birkenstocks and purple socks, eating soy products…

We do like organic vegetables, but by TOFU we really just mean you need to give people something in exchange for their contact information, when they are just researching and not ready to buy.

Here are examples of several e-Books we did for one of our customers strictly from the transcripts of podcasts and videos:

Ebook CTA Examples

Landing pages to increase downloads and get contact information

For each e-Book, we make a landing page that looks something like this:

Ebook Landing Page Example

By offering something of value, people are much more likely to give you their name and email address and/or phone number as well.

How are the results?

This website gained almost 2,500 keywords because they were starting pretty much from scratch. The e-Books have helped position them as experts in the wedding planning/ catering field.

Ebook Success

Here’s what Maureen Woodman has to say about our e-books, podcasting and video services:

“To be honest, I thought podcasting and YouTube were just a waste of time at first. Then customers started commenting on how much they like them and started hiring us. Our rankings in Google improved dramatically and I am a big believer. McDougall Interactive has dramatically improved our content marketing, social media and SEO. A lot of it has had to do with podcasting and video, which we then turned into e-Books.”

Creating an e-Book takes the following types of activities:

  1. Brainstorming the topic and table of contents
  2. Keyword research and topical authority analysis
  3. Writing content or generating podcast and video transcripts
  4. Content editing
  5. Design of the cover of the e-book
  6. Layout of the document and production of the PDF
  7. Creation of calls to action on the website
  8. Landing page design and development
  9. Setting up tracking in Google analytics

How many e-Books have we created…

To play it safe, I will say boatloads…

More samples of e-Book marketing

Here is just a sample of e-Books we have done for ourselves and sold around the world!

The Big Dog Authority Marketing Checklist Ebook
Actionable Web Analytics & Reporting Ebook
Blogging for Business and SEO Ebook
Content Driven Web Marketing Ebook
Conversion Rate Optimization Primer Ebook
Email Marketing Quick Start Guide Ebook
Google Adwords PPC Ebook
Internet Marketing Strategy Roadmap Ebook
Local and Mobile Search Marketing Basics Ebook
Link Building Even Google Penguin Will Love Ebook
Online Public Relations for Link Building and Credibility Ebook
SEO for Web Design Ebook
SEO with a Social Twist Ebook
Social Media with an SEO Twist Ebook
Internet Marketing Tools & Resources Ebook
An Introduction to Hubspot Ebook

Here are some more e-Book calls to action:

Car Accident Injuries Ebook CTA Dog Bite Law Ebook CTA Trust In Massachussets Ebook CTA