Law Firm Marketing Case Study — Mesothelioma

Case Study Background

McDougall Interactive was realizing so much success with various mass tort/personal injury projects for one of their law firm marketing clients, they were asked to work on a mesothelioma campaign for a peer law firm. Mesothelioma is a deadly lung cancer caused by asbestos and can lie dormant for years before symptoms begin to develop.

The law firm (whom McDougall Interactive was asked to keep confidential to preserve a competitive advantage) previously had success with TV ads and referrals, but did not have any significant web marketing experience.

Mesothelioma Among the Most Competitive Keywords, Averaging Click Costs of Between $200-$600!

Mesothelioma keyword groupings are the most competitive topics in all of digital marketing because they are the hardest to get for organic search and have the highest rates for pay-per-click — the costs can average more than $150 per click, with some clicks going as high as $220 each. Competition in SEO is nothing short of extreme. With cases averaging around $1 million and lots of very negligent companies, it’s no surprise firms will pay so much for clicks, leads, and cases.

Marketing Strategy

McDougall Interactive created a new website that would be targeted specifically to people affected by mesothelioma and not other legal issues. Sites like and are good examples of sites that have a powerful presence, and the strategy was to replicate that over time, while doing extensive paid search.

Legal Marketing Tactics

  • Custom logo and unique value proposition development
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Highly persuasive landing pages
  • Extensive A/B testing
  • Video and podcasting with the firm’s partners (optimized for Google Hummingbird with transcriptions)
  • A Family’s Guide to Mesothelioma book that McDougall Interactive wrote and published as a lead teaser
  • Ebooks that McDougall Interactive wrote and used as top-of-the-funnel calls to action
  • 500+ pages of highly informative website content that McDougall Interactive wrote using a trained specialist
  • Blog with multiple posts per week
  • Social media account setup and management
  • Online and offline PR
  • SEO with intensive link building
  • Paid Search Management (Google Adwords and Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Clicktale heat mapping and user testing analysis to improve the user experience
  • Extensive analytics and lead scoring procedures from phone, form, and live chat leads.


  • Generated more than $15 million in revenue for the firm, both from paid and organic SEO
  • Firm was ranked #6 in Google for “Mesothelioma Law Firms” in the first year
  • Firm was ranked second page in Google for “Mesothelioma Lawyers” and “Mesothelioma Attorneys” in the first year
  • Organic longtail search results drove traffic worth tens of thousands of dollars a month in averted click costs
  • Increased online brand recognition and news citations (enough to get cited in a national legal marketing study)

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