Conversion Optimization Case Study — GolfEtail

Case Study Background

GolfEtail, an online discount golf club site, had heard about McDougall Interactive from a story that Internet Retailer did on McDougall’s ecommerce marketing efforts and was intrigued. After examining the client’s considerable budget and activities, McDougall began formulating a plan to help generate a stronger ROI. GolfEtail was devoting considerable resources to SEO and yet were mostly only ranking for brand terms and had no social presence or A/B testing strategy.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Strategy

Generating 10,000+ visits in six months to a new blog they created was a great initial achievement, but McDougall knew they needed to increase sales from all traffic sources. GolfEtail had a massive email list that was driving significant traffic, but the overall conversion rate was low. Email marketing was consistently showing to be a significant revenue driver with high ROI, so the focus became decreasing cart abandonment and getting more people to sign up for the popular email list.


  • Shopping cart analytics funnel set up and tracking
  • Google website optimizer testing design and management
  • A/B testing of the cart (one page versus multi-page options)
  • Email value proposition testing
  • Email newsletter signup call to action design, placement, and testing
  • Email newsletter signups from contests and Facebook ads
  • Email pop-up window testing (with pop-up window at site visit, without pop-up, and variations in the pop-up, etc.)
  • About Us page and value proposition optimization


  • The improvement in the shopping cart checkout process generated $500,000 of additional revenue in six months
  • The conversion rate increased from just under 1% to nearly 2% (1% increase)
  • An increase of 379 emails per month x12 months meant 4,548 additional email sign-ups

Additional results for SEO, social media, and blogging

  • SEO revenue increased by 106% in one year
  • Results in the top 50 increased by 300%
  • Blog traffic increased by 10,000 visits in the first six months
  • 3 Facebook contests and other activities generated approximately 10,000 Facebook Likes in less than one year

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