Wondering How to Create a Podcast?

Creating a podcast

When we finally convince our clients that content is king and get them adding pages and SEO blog posts to their sites at amazing rates, many of them come back to us to ask how to create a podcast. And why not? Like vlogging, creating a podcast can seem like work for experts, not novices…. Read more »

Sell It, Baby: Setting Up a Commission Junction Account

Setting up a Commission Junction account

Commission Junction has a number of great options for you if you wish to start working with online advertising and affiliate marketing. Here’s how to get started: First, you need to register. Visit Commission Junction and sign up. Provide the basic personal and site information. You will also want to categorize your site as specifically… Read more »

10 Flickr SEO Tips for Amazing Visibility

10 Flickr SEO tips

Photo sharing is huge in the online community! Standing out from the pack and generating traffic from search engines is important for maximum exposure. Here are our top 10 Flickr SEO tips: 1) Optimize your photos for maximum effectiveness Tag each photo and upload a higher-quality image. This makes your images easier to find and… Read more »

CLICK! How to Set Up a Flickr Account

Setting up a Flickr account

First, visit Flickr.com and click on “Create Your Account”. You will need a Yahoo ID to attach to this account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for a free one. If you do have one, you can simply sign in. To use your Flickr account, you will need to understand a… Read more »

Building an Opt-In Email List 101

Email marketing building a list

For anyone involved in online marketing, building an email list is crucial. However, due to recent laws designed to protect consumers from unwanted emails, an email list is only legal if it is “opt-in”, meaning the person receiving the email has to give consent to receive mass emails from you. Here are some tips on… Read more »

9 Basic SEO Tips for Smoking Hot WordPress Blogs

Smokin Wordpress blog

While your WordPress blog may have strong, entertaining content, it still needs to be found by the search engines. Fortunately, there are many handy tips available for WordPress blogs to make the sites more SEO-friendly. Here are a few. 1) Change the permalink structure By default, WordPress attaches a number to each page on your… Read more »

Setting Up a Simple WordPress Blog

Wordpress logo

WordPress is possibly the most flexible and most used blogging client on the internet today. Here is a simple guide to getting your WordPress blog up and running. Remember that there are many resources online that are a search engine away if you need further assistance. Plan out how you want your site to be… Read more »