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The Sales Funnel: Ebooks & Irresistible TOFU Offers

E-books & Irresistible TOFU Offers

“What the heck are TOFU offers”, you ask? “I Thought Tofu is Soybean Curd”, you say. It is. But, of course, we aren’t talking about adding soy products to your website. You need leads and conversions from your website, and classic “SEO” is only a part of the total picture. You need to leverage the… Read more »

Blog Writing, Long-Tail Keywords & Mobile Optimization

Blog Writing - Long-Tail Keywords and Mobile Optimization

Whether you are new to blog writing for search engines, or a seasoned pro, you can always be better at blog seo and marketing techniques. A few questions I hear all the time are: “how do I develop content for my blog”, “how do I know what keywords to target”, and “how do I make… Read more »