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When to Stop PPC Advertising

when to stop ppc advertising

Paid advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, can be great at driving leads and sales, but sometimes a continual investment just doesn’t make sense. You may want a second opinion before you pull the plug, though.

Choose the Right PPC Tactics

PPC tactics

PPC advertising is more than simply using Google AdWords. Check out our chart of advertising formats that you can map to your own marketing objectives.

Setting Up a WordPress Blog

WordPress blogging and content management platform

WordPress is the most flexible and most-used blogging platform on the Internet today, and it’s great for SEO too. Check out our 7 tips to get started.

State of the Blogosphere

Blogging’s State of the Blogosphere claims that while blogging is always changing and adapting, there are 5 kinds of bloggers. Which kind are you?

Metrics and Tracking

Email Metrics

Connecting your email marketing with other channels is the ultimate way to track engagement and the assists that lead to the eventual conversion. Do you have a clear ROI metric?

Test with Visual Website Optimizer

testing for conversion optimization

Testing is the lifeblood of running a successful website. Without experimentation, there is no way to tell whether your online marketing efforts are paying off. Read on to learn the two types of testing you’ll see referenced most often.