About Us

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency and college textbook authors, founded in 1995.

In short,

  • We have helped hundreds of clients use digital marketing to drive measurable sales. This includes being selected by over twenty sizable community banks/credit unions, dozens of law firms, about ten colleges, internet retailers and countless professional services companies.
  • Our team created the second best online only bank in US from scratch, that generated thousands of customers and became a media darling. We wrote and designed a 500-page mesothelioma law firm website that generated $15,000,000 in revenue and have numerous case studies / testimonials that help describe how we more than doubled our clients’ sales.
  • Other marketing agencies focus on fancy design portfolios, but we increase profits. We have built over 200 websites since 1995 but we’re even more proud when we make your website convert visitors into customers and gets in the top five of Google – where 67.6% of clicks are.
  • We have been flown to Google headquarters four times for our paid search expertise but it’s the A/B and user experience testing that helps us turn Google Ads from an expense, to a revenue center.

We’re happiest as a small team of highly experienced, senior level staff, working closely with a limited number of customers. If that sounds like a good fit, we welcome a chat to learn more about you.  

A Few of Our Agency Highlights

  • Our founder John McDougall speaks at places such as Harvard University and is on the Digital Marketing Advisory Committee for the Master’s Program at Brandeis University.
  • North Shore Community College has been using John’s book for several years as a digital marketing text book. They recently hired John to advise on the social media curriculum that got covered in media like The Seattle Times.

  • Our award winning book is titled Web Marketing On All Cylinders, which is also the basis for our “on all cylinders” marketing system.
  • We are a HubSpot Partner and they wrote a chapter in our first book. They are also writing one for our next content marketing and SEO book, due out in April 2019.
  • We are Google AdWords and Analytics certified. 
  • We are Conversion Optimization Certified by industry leader Market Motive. 
  • Our writing and thought leadership has been featured on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, HubSpot, eContent Magazine, Wordtracker University, Duct Tape Marketing, National Law Review and more. 
  • Our seminars on digital marketing have been featured in The New York Times, and Google, as well as HubSpot, speaks at our events. 

Were on a mission to make websites a consistent source of sales

We are obsessed with how marketing is constantly changing and we know how hard it can be to keep up when you have so many other things to do. Our mission is to help make your web marketing easier, using systems that are repeatable, actionable and drive consistent sales.

Our values, beliefs and quirks are as follows:

  1. We give our clients the advice we would give our own family members
  2. Being a large agency is not nearly as good as being an agency that gets results
  3. Fishing, sailing and salt air, just might help generate new ideas for blog content and that is why our agency has a bit of an ocean view 

Our History

It all started when John McDougall was working as a Media Planner in 1995 at McDougall Associates, where his father asked him to start the Internet Marketing and web design division.

After taking one of the first online SEO classes in 1995/1996, John fell head over heels in love with all things SEO and digital marketing. Here’s one of his fonder memories:

“In 1995, I would drive around with a laptop in my blue on blue Ford Bronco and show prospects the internet by dialing up on AOL. Maybe it was the crazy sound of the 56k modem but one guy called me the modern version of a snakeskin oil salesmen and said this internet thing isn’t going anywhere kid…”

Well, as we all know, web companies like Google and Amazon are now some of the largest in the world. 

Then and now

This screenshot of the 1996 version of our ad agency website, shows how far we have come.

McDougall Ad Agency 1996 website

1996 McDougall Associates Website

We’re an Elite Google Partner

In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, we were honored to be invited to Google headquarters – all expenses paid. Only 110 other agencies in the USA got this honor each year and likely only a handful got it four years in a row.

John McDougall, our founder couldn’t resist but to try the Google bikes to see if it would somehow help our search ranks!!

john mcdougall on google bike

And here is John and Bob Rustici taking the obligatory pic in front of the Google logo.

John and Bob at Google

What you should do now

  1. If you like what you see, give John McDougall a call at 978-750-8000 and we would be more than happy to hear what keeps you up at night and help solve your marketing problems.
  2. If you’d like a FREE website strategy session, fill out this form and give us a few details, such as 4 competitors and we can uncover some initial ideas that just might surprise you. Then on a free phone consultation, John McDougall will discuss your goals and suggest strategies to double your sales. 
  1. If you’d like to learn digital marketing for free, check out our blogs and resources.
  2. If you’d like to work for us, then send along your resume and or check out our article on How to learn digital marketing and get entry-level marketing jobs.