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SEO companies must be dedicated to constant innovation. John McDougall took one of the first online SEO training classes in 1995/96 and fell in love. Since then, McDougall Interactive has helped more than 1,000 companies understand and improve their SEO strategy and ROI. We are able to react quickly to Google algorithm changes because we are running countless experiments, optimizing hundreds of pages/posts, creating dozens of videos/podcasts, and analyzing thousands of data points every month. We’d like to share that research and knowledge with you.

Search Engine Optimization Thought Leaders 

We welcome you to explore our vast SEO resources below.

As you can see, we’re not trying to be all things to all people or do every type of marketing. We’ve been focused like a laser beam on Internet marketing and SEO specifically for almost 20 years. Traditional advertising agencies and web design companies simply can’t compete with that.

We’ve ranked companies number one for such things as “hearing aids,” “saxophones,” “art colleges,” and “credit unions Massachusetts,” and have even instigated the sale of companies because of our search engine success. One of our former clients, Rock Bottom Golf (a top 500 e-tailer), sent us an email when we got them ranked number three in Google for “golf clubs” saying that they thought their shopping cart might break because of the activity! “Sales attributed to search engine optimization grew 100%” is what they said publicly in the press that followed on Internet Retailer, but it was actually a complete game changer for them.

We got another client ranked number six in Google for “mesothelioma law firm,” which is literally the most difficult industry to rank well in. We not only wrote more than 500 pages of website and blog content that was held to high legal compliance standards, but we actually published a book for them to distinguish them as thought leaders. That company made $15,000,000 from our services.

With 1.2 trillion searches a year on Google and more than 3.5 billion searches a day, search engine rankings has gone from a cottage industry to being more popular than television advertising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says that 2013 web advertising hit $42.8 billion, beating TV advertising ($40.1 billion) for the first time ever. That means you can’t hire a cheap search engine optimization firm that will take shortcuts and potentially hurt your rankings status! Google is looking for thought leaders, and we can help you be one of them through outstanding content.

Check out what Google says with regard to being an authority

Some key points regarding the video:

“We are doing a doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space… And trying to makes sure that those rank a little more highly…”

Also very interesting, is the Google patent on determining topic authority:

“A computer-implemented method for determining topical authority…”

As well as a patent on Authenticating a Persona in a Social Networking System:

“An authentic persona is likely to be ranked higher than fake personas by search engines. As a result, authentic personas experience higher web traffic than fake personas. Therefore by monitoring the incoming web traffic that is originated from search engines, the social networking system can predict which personas are authentic.”

Why our SEO services are powerful

  • Content is at the heart of our SEO strategies
  • In-house recording studio for podcasting and radio shows
  • YouTube optimization and video SEO strategies including several in-house videographers
  • Senior-level writers on staff and an army of subcontractors that know your industry
  • Our full-time link builders focus on creating/sharing your content, not on dangerous practices
  • Link bait and high-quality public relations services to generate consistent high-quality links
  • Conversion optimization experts that turn your SEO into leads
  • E-book and book marketing experts that repurpose SEO content into calls to action and landing pages
  • Elite Google Partner for paid search, which allows us to integrate your paid search conversion data
  • Advanced local SEO and mobile search strategies
  • Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird experts that can help you recover from penalties and take advantage of opportunities

Don’t let this happen to you:

Penguin release date

Steep decline in traffic from Google Penguin 


Internet Marketing-SEO Focused Team

An all-star lineup of white hat content marketers gives you an SEO strategy based on adding real value, not gimmicky techniques:

  • Internet Marketing Strategist – John McDougall
  • CMO, Designer, User Experience – Jon Cahill
  • SVP, SEO, Social Guru – John Cass
  • SEO Director – John Maher
  • Director of Paid Search – Bob Rustici
  • Social Media, SEO, Link Building – Julian Flynn
  • Link Building – Jesse Wade
  • Link Research – Zinnia Mendoza
  • Graphic Design – Off-site, one of the leading conversion designers in the world
  • Senior Writer, Author – Phil Taylor-Parker & Steve Boudreault
  • Creative Director, Video – Jimmy Craig
  • Creative Director, Video – Justin Parker
  • Journalist, Podcasting & Video – Katlyn Graham
  • Analytics Compiling – Fulltime Offsite Team
  • Content Administration – Amy Jones
  • Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper – Marie DiMascio
  • Competitive Analysis – Sumit Vishwakar

McDougall Interactive search engine optimization services include:

Website Optimization and Architecture

By performing a critical analysis of your website and researching your competitors, we’ll help get you the top search engine listings that put you in front of your customers. Google is heavily focused on mobile, and if your website doesn’t load fast and perform well from a site architecture and usability perspective, your search results will suffer. Whether you have an existing site with thousands of pages, a complex multi-domain strategy, or are looking to build a site with a content- and keyword-driven site architecture, our multifaceted background allows us to optimize or design and develop with SEO superiority.

Link Building Services

Did you know that having external links to your website helps your search engine ranking, and that many companies are now putting 40% to 60% of their SEO budgets into link building services? Our expert link building team will analyze what content is creating the most links to your competitors and come up with a content asset strategy. By having quality content such as link bait articles, we can then reach out to companies on your behalf to get legitimate backlinks from high-quality sources. This process is very similar to traditional public relations. Even a couple of great links a month can help you significantly, whereas even two or three low-quality backlinks can be enough to penalize you. We also offer partial and full public relations programs to get you featured in high-quality media sites.

Key Phrase Analysis and Corresponding Content

McDougall Interactive’s SEO specialists can help you get your site ranking in the top 10 by utilizing important key phrases – a vital component of search engine marketing. We spend a great deal of time up front researching the exact key phrases that increase our clients’ online visibility using advanced keyword discovery tools to analyze how people are using search engines to get what they want.

Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update now does a better job analyzing natural search queries, such as those that people make when asking questions on their mobile phones via voice recognition. Given that Google has publicly stated as much as 15% of their daily searches are new and won’t show up in keyword research, you also need to be adding lots of fresh content that is not just robotically focused on a few main phrases known as “head terms.” There is a lot of money to be made and quick success to be gained from long tail and natural search terms. That’s why we developed our website content made easy program that leverages your audio and video interviews to generate Hummingbird-friendly content. And we can tell you from experience that you’re never going to rank for the big money head terms without a lot of supporting long tail content from additional pages and posts that support your “silos” or important SEO categories.

An atmosphere of collaboration

The mainstay of our client work is one-on-one discussion and education. For example, we can guide your in-house writers and programmers in a consultancy capacity or we can be hired to make advanced programming adjustments and write original copy. In either case, we are here to give you the tools you need to rank highly in the search engines, and that means we don’t hold information back. The more we communicate with you and your team, the more you will get out of your partnership with us.

Check out our 8-step interactive marketing process for more details on what it’s like to work with us.

An example of our SEO services can be seen in our JumpStart package and you can also review a technical overview. We request that you contact us for an in-depth proposal, which has much greater details on what we provide in our retainer packages.