SEO-Friendly Web Design

It is absolutely critical that your website be designed with the search engines in mind. SEO-friendly web design has numerous components, all of which add up to a site that is attractive to both search engines and people. If you have worked with a web designer in the past, you may think that your web design is SEO-friendly but are you sure? Your site may look great, but looks aren’t what counts when your goal is to be properly indexed by the search engines and found by the people who want what you’ve got.

When it comes to SEO-friendly web design, there is so much to consider. McDougall Interactive’s team of in house senior-level design specialists has the knowledge and experience to create optimized site architecture, visuals that not only look good but are SEO compliant, and a map of content development that covers your bases where keywords are concerned. Wondering what goes into SEO-friendly web design? Here’s a sample of what we look for:

  • Keywords in URLs that are part of a detailed SEO strategy
  • Targeted content to match key phrase concepts
  • Clean code
  • Scripts in external files
  • Header tags instead of <div> tags or images
  • Limited HTML file size
  • Alt text for images
  • Internal text links instead of image links
  • No frames
  • Proper site redirect architecture
  • Hidden text and other potentially deceptive (“black hat”) practices
  • No splash pages
  • No query strings in URLs where possible
  • Clean, valid code
  • Appropriate use of tables
  • No duplicate content or copy

SEO-Friendly Web Design as Brand Message Enhancement

You may already know that including keywords in your website URL makes your business easier for search engines like Google to find, but did you also know that it makes you more memorable to clients and potential customers? Similarly, a site map that is easy for search engines to understand also tends to be easy for people to understand – and when people understand your website, they’re more likely to stick around. The long-time experts at McDougall Interactive have decades of design and development experience, and can serve in an advisory role when you’re ready to maximize your online visibility by performing an SEO audit and creating a SEO-friendly web design strategy, or we can partner with you for a top-to-bottom website rebuild that guarantees that your brand message will be enticing to the search engines and to those who encounter your brand.

McDougall Interactive Understands SEO-Friendly Web Design

Since 1995, McDougall Interactive has built thousands of websites, and we’ve continually adapted to a dynamic Internet along the way. Today’s Internet is as distinct from yesterday’s Internet as it will be from tomorrow’s, so our SEO-friendly web design strategy is always changing to meet the needs of both the clients we serve and their online audience.