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Tips on Website Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy, and the 6 Key Principles of Persuasion can greatly increase conversions. Learn what those principles are and why they work.

Landing Page Optimization

Key Features of

Increase conversions by creating specific landing pages on your website targeting the specific search terms your prospects are searching on. Learn more about key features of an effective landing page.

The Top 4 Branding Mistakes

Top 4 Branding Mistakes McDougall Interactive

Branding means creating an awareness of your business’ unique value and personality. It sounds simple enough, but few business owners take the time to do it right.

14 Top Factors Influencing Google+ Local Rankings

Google Local SEO Rankings

No matter what your business, having your brand at the top of local listings can drive a lot of traffic and increase your sales for a very small amount of effort. Read on to learn how to utilize Google+ Local listings.