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Digital Marketing News Bulletin – November 2016

Digital Marketing News Bulletin

John Maher: Hi I’m John Maher and this is Digital Marketing Madness. This podcast is brought to you by McDougall Interactive, and we’re a digital marketing agency in Danvers, Massachusetts. Today, I’m here with the President of McDougall Interactive, John McDougall. Hi John. John McDougall: Hey, John. John: I’m also here with the Vice President… Read more »

How To Do Competitive Analysis and Leapfrog Your Competitors

How To Do Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your website’s competitors is a critical component of making your website the best it can be and ranking higher in Google. This podcast with John McDougall of McDougall Interactive will show you how to do competitive analysis and what tools you can use to leapfrog your competitors.

How to Build an Opt-In Email List


One of the most important things you can do to build your email marketing list is to ask for email addresses at every point of customer contact, then follow these easy guidelines for successful email marketing.

Deeper Clicks Engagement System

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Over the years I have noticed that creating content is often a sticking point for clients. I have also noticed that there are times when one product or service could really use more attention. To help illustrate the concept of developing deeper content to achieve better engagement and sales, I have worked out a system for starting with just one area that is important to you. By biting off a small piece of work, my hope is that site owners will make a concerted effort to experiment and then use that experience to develop similar models for other areas of the business.

My Deeper Clicks Engagement System combines the stages of the buying cycle with new website content to deepen engagement, improve rankings, and encourage conversions.