Advanced SEO – Using Related Topics

related keywords

A recent Whiteboard Friday video from industry guru Rand Fishkin at Moz got me thinking more about using related keywords when optimizing the content on your website. I think it’s easy for people to think of SEO as just “pick a keyword you want to rank for and include that keyword in the Title Tag,… Read more »

How to Generate Blog Topic Ideas and Other Helpful Blog Resources


Generating useful, shareable blog topic ideas can often be challenging, especially for inexperienced writers. Ashley Drinkwater from McDougall Interactive shares lots of great tips on how to get started with blog topic ideas. John: Hi I’m John Maher, this is Digital Marketing Madness. This podcast is brought to you by McDougall Interactive. We’re a digital… Read more »

On-Page SEO Still Matters

SEO Search engine optimization

The always excellent Neil Patel just wrote an article titled “The Ultimate Guide To Off-Page SEO“. It’s a great resource, and a good reminder of many of the factors involved in getting your webpages to rank well in the search engines. I actually found it interesting that, in an article ostensibly about off-page SEO (the… Read more »

How To Do Competitive Analysis and Leapfrog Your Competitors

How To Do Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your website’s competitors is a critical component of making your website the best it can be and ranking higher in Google. This podcast with John McDougall of McDougall Interactive will show you how to do competitive analysis and what tools you can use to leapfrog your competitors.

How To Do Keyword Research And What To Do With It

keyword research

In this podcast, John McDougall explains keyword research, why it’s still an important part of internet marketing and search engine optimization, and he discusses specific tools to use for gathering keywords, and what to do with the keywords once you’ve found them. John Maher:  Hi, I’m John Maher and this is “Digital Marketing Madness.” This… Read more »

How and Why To Share Content That’s Behind A Paywall

Content Paywall

In this episode of Digital Marketing Madness, Meghan Williams discusses how to go about sharing content that’s hidden behind a paywall, including why you might want to share paywall content in the first place, and the best ways to share that content while providing value for your readers. John Maher:  Hi, I’m John Maher and… Read more »

Content Marketing With Podcasts – Part 2

Podcast Studio Equipment

In part 2 of this episode of Digital Marketing Madness, John Maher discusses content marketing with podcasts, including what equipment you need to podcast, how to add music intros and outros to your podcast, and some helpful tips for podcast editing using free Audacity software. John Maher:  Hi, I’m John Maher and this is “Digital… Read more »